Monday, August 8, 2011

C7 Spy RC Helicopter (with 1.3mp Camera)

Assalamualaikum dan Salah Sejahtera,

Seterusnya, RC Helicopter yang cukup special, RC Helicopter datang bersama Camera (Spy Cam)

Spy Helicopter - SH (San Huan) 6030 C7 Spy with Camera (GYRO) (3-Channel Coaxial) Infrared RC Helicopter

C7 is the latest RC helicopter made by San Huan (SH).
It has a 1.3 Mega-pixel camera on broad, located underneath the Heli frame,
which is controlled through the ON/OFF switcher on the transmitter - easy to control.
When the light on helicopter is flashing, it means the record is live.
The storage media is a Micro SD Card, which is included in the package, a 1GB Micro SD Card, it's more than enough to shoot for each flight.

Of course, you can change it from any MicroSD card, say 2GB.
For the helicopter structure, it is a Co-Axial Rotor Head design, again, it is the most stable design in all RC helicopters, especially made for beginners.

It is very durable as the light weight of the helicopter.
The Spy Helicopter C7 combines a built-in Camera (which is waiting for long time for heli fans...)
and the great stability Heli structure, it can shoot some funny videos like exploring the house and rooms,
or examining the condition of your roof or surprise your kids upstairs from outside the windows!


RM 150

Interested? please do call or sms me at 017-6910014 or e-mail me at


  1. shipping berape ringgit?

  2. sory model ni saya dah tak amik.

    untuk stok terkini

  3. beli kat mane sbb saye nak beli jugak tapi ckp dh abis stok

  4. sory, saya pun tak tau kat mana. tapi kalau bro nak, saya boleh orderkan. saya blh cek dgn supplier.

    tapi saya tak boleh bagi warranty la. kalau berminat boleh call or sms saya. 017-6910014


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