Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tarot 450 pro/sport (Align Trex 450 Clone) 6 Channel RC Helicopter - Akan Datang

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera,

Dimaklumkan bahawa NasToysShop sedang dalam kajian untuk mengeluarkan RC Helicopter terkemuka di Malaysia (6 Channel class).

Tarot 450 adalah clone/tiruan daripada Trex 450 (Align). Brand ini adalah clone yang terbaik pernah di tiru daripada brand align.

NasToysShop telah membuat tempahan kecil untuk di buat stok permulaan.

Dijangka stok tersebut akan sampai minggu hadapan atau selepas Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Jadi nantikan Tarot 450 ini...!!!

Sekian, terima kasih.



  1. You know how to play 6 ch heli???I heard one of my supplier say actually you don't know how to play 6ch heli.If like that why you sell???

  2. for the last 3 months, yes i don't know how to play 6 channel

    after that, i started to learn 6 channel. and i've achieve manuever like inverted hover, flip, nose in, and now i'm learning tictoc.

    i'll post my video playing 6 channel heli one doy.

    which supplier told u?

    i normally play on saturday at kelana jaya. U can join me if u want.

    thank you

  3. The supplier you also recognise.Johnny Lim

  4. johnny? he is supplying? i didn't know that.

    what are the item he is supplying?

  5. when you married he attend your ceremony,this small thing you don't know???by the way he also
    supply walkera helicopter to penn mart toys.

  6. Nope, he didn't attend my ceremony. He called me to say sory that he was not attending.

    And he didn't even told me that he is supplying.

    By the way, may I know who are u?

  7. I'm The Game "Triple H" That all.Don't ask anything again

  8. Ok Triple H, thank you visiting Nastoysshop

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